jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

The Phoenix on the Sword

Daggers At My Back


Pages 2 & 3

Page 4                                        Page 5 

Page 6                                               Page 7

Page 8                                                  Page 9

Page 10                                                  Page 11

Page 12                           Page 13

Page 14                             Page 15

Page 16                           Page 17

Pages 18 & 19

Page 20                            Page 22

Page 22

3 comentarios:

Sebastián Martínez dijo...

Awesome works like ever!I like more when you put this kind of dark shadows.
I want to ask you if you could tell me what pencil graduations you recomend for pencil finished pages. And it would be interestig if you submit some process of your work.
Thanks a lot!

Nick Cato dijo...

Been reading CONAN comics since the mid 70s and must say your artwork is among the BEST I've ever seen. Love your work for Dark Horse...

Tomás Giorello dijo...

Many thanks Nick! and my apologies for such a late response!
I´m very glad that you like my work!
I hope you join me in the next project .....The Hour Of The Dragon!!
I can´t wait to start working on that one!!

All the best!!